Chapter Five

Today I am going to discuss an author that I have a love/hate relationship with. Sandra Brown. I love her because she is an amazing writer and her stories keep me on edge, a total page turner. She totally hooks you in with the plot and I seriously cannot put her books down. I should say that I do not hate her, so this love/hate thing is with her books. I hate that the romance aspect is so dominate in her books. I read one of her earlier works and it was awful. Her romance novels portray women as complete imbeciles and I cannot stand that. Her earliest books are just pure romance, the later books have more of a story to them, she adds a murder mystery, these are the ones that I read. Her later books are about half and half, half romance and half mystery but her plots are what I love. I will always try to guess who the killer or bad character is and I am never right. You would think that since I read so many of her books that I would be to figure out a pattern but I can’t, she is that good.

I do not believe that any of her books belong to a series but I read them all. Of all the ones that I have read that have been stand alone books. True, that I have only read her suspense novels and just one of her romance novels but none of them have belong to a series. There were two that loosely went together, the first one was Smash Cut and the second one was called Tough Customer. The two books take place in different states but share some of the same characters. In Smash Cut the lead male character is a lawyer and uses his private investigator to uncover hidden secrets of another character, that same investigator turns out to be the main character in Tough Customer who has a family emergency that he needs to deal with. The main male and female characters from Smash Cut make a small appearance in Tough Customer, so far these are the only two books that correspond with other each other, all of the other book that I have read are just by themselves, however I have not not all of her suspense novels as of yet and only one of her romance ones, so those may have series.

In her books, the main male and female characters will always met under stressful circumstances and hate each other right off the bat. They usually find the other attractive and have this deep sense that they like them but they fight constantly in the beginning and will disregard the sexually feeling they have for the other character. The reader, being me, will root for them to get together and will always end up romantically involved but it is a struggle for the whole book. This is another reason why I have a love/hate feeling about her books, just once I would like that the main characters accept the way they feel about each and try to solve the suspenseful plot as a team and not as individuals who feel that they have no other choice but to trust each other. It would be nice to just have the suspense of the murders or whatever crime she chooses to wrote about be the the main focus and have the love story be secondary and easy instead of having it a struggle. Even though I have some issues with her books, I still love them and will read all of them, I recommend them to all readers, they really are great books.

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A bit of foreshadowing for a future post.  We will eventually be taking a tour of a book factory at some point in the future and plan on documenting the entire process in a fast motion video.  We will be documenting everything from the tree cutting to the paper making process to the printing and the binding.  It should be very interesting and should make for quite a video.…

Chapter Four

Today I am going to discuss Tess Gerritsen, she is well know for her series of the Rizzoli and Isles books. There are eleven books in this series, in order they are The Surgeon, The Apprentice, The Sinner, Body Double, Vanish, The Mesphisto Club, Keepsake, Ice Cold, The Silent Girl, Last To Die and Die Again. These are fabulous books and I recommend them to everyone. However, if you have watch the TV series featured on TNT then I would not read these books and if you have read these books then do not watch the TV show. Nothing on the show matches the book, the show is loosely related the books and I mean really loosely.

Before I got a library card I would hunt for book fairs so I could get books really cheap, I read so much that I would totally go broke if I had to pay full price for every book I read. I look for and by books at these fairs for the authors that I know but since the books are so cheap I will look and buy books for authors that I haven’t read before, you can get a paper back book for one dollar, so I’m not out much money by buying a book that I didn’t end up liking. So at one book fair I pick up The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen, not realizing that this was the Rizzoli and Isles show and also that it was the second book in the series. I realized pretty quick that this book was about the show or more like the show was based off this book and then I did some research on Tess and saw that she had many books in this series. It was kind of a bummer that I read The Apprentice before The Surgeon because the bad guy is the same in both books. They find out who the murderer is in the first book but he ends up escaping in the second book. So since I read The Apprentice first, I knew who the murderer was when I read The Surgeon. So I hope with my list above, you all will read them in order.

Tess Gerritsen has many other stand alone books as well. My absolute favorite of her stand alone books is Gravity. This book was amazing, it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it, I could not put it down. It was so intense. It is about astronauts that dock with the International Space Station where a alien organism is unleashed on purpose to see how it will react with the human race. This book is not about aliens creatures, this is not a supernatural or sci fi book, there was a meteorite that crashed in the ocean and a marine biologist team was doing research around that area and one character got a specimen from the meteorite on a program to go up to the space station for further research. This specimen turned into a virus that attacked the astronauts aboard station from inside their bodies. They did not turn into killers themselves they just died and spread the virus to the others. It is a race against time book and it is super intense. A must read.

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Chapter Three

I am devoting this post to one of my favorite female authors, Tami Hoag. I have written about my favorite male authors, so this one goes out to the females. Now, for the most part she writes romance novels. Her earliest books are pure romance novels and I do not read those. I picked one up on accident not realizing that this one was strictly in the romance genre and as I have explained in the prologue, that I cannot stand romance novels. I finished the book but it was grueling. As she got more popular she began to give her novels a more intricate story line, there is still the romance part but she began to add a mystery/suspense aspect to it. These are my favorite books to read. They cater to one of my favorite genres, the mystery/suspense but she also has a hint of romance, there are always a male and female character that fall in love but she now makes that the secondary topic of the story, the main aspect is the suspense part about who is the villain.

She has quite a few series of books, the most popular being the Kovac and Liska series. They are detectives Sam Kovac and Niki Liska in Minnesota and solving the city of Minneapolis’s crime. To date there are six books, in order; Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Prior Bad Acts, The 1st Victim (this is an E-book short story) The 9th girl and The Bitter Season. I have read all of these except The 1st Victim, I do not have a way to read E-books. These are fabulous books, they however, do not have any romance in them like her other books, Sam and Niki are partners and not lovers, never have been and never will be. They act like brother and sister and they are hilarious together. They bring humor to the dark stories of crime that she writes about.

There are The oak Knoll Books, in order; Deeper Than Dead, Secrets To The Grave and Down The Darkest Road. I actually read these books in reverse order on accident. I read the third book, then the second and lastly I read the first book. I didn’t realize these were in series together until I read Secrets To The Grave. I had already read Down The Darkest Road, so when I read Secrets I recognized the characters and realized this was a corresponding book, I then did some research and found that there are three books in this series and that I’m reading them in the wrong order. These books take place in and around the town of Santa Barbara California and deal mostly with crimes against women. There are a couple characters that fall in love but is in no way the main story.

She also writes about Elena Estes who is a retired undercover narcotics detective that left the force under bad terms. She has turned into a private detective unwittingly while trying to turn her life around. There are two books, Dark Horse and The Alibi man, they take place in Palm Springs California and revolve around the world of show horses.

My favorite series of books are the Deer Lake series, there are two books, Night Sins and Guilty As Sin. These take place in the same town of Deer Lake Minnesota but deal with different characters, the main characters in Night Sins make an appearance in Guilty As Sin but this book as different main characters. They both deal with the same villains just in a different perspective. Night Sins involve the actually crime and the detectives that solve the crime. Guilty As Sin revolves around the court preceding of the characters that are charged with the crime in the first book. These two books had me reading at any possible moment. I could not put them down.

The last series of books are The Bayou Books, which take place in the swamps of Louisiana. There are three books, Lucky’s Lady, Cry Wolf and A Thin Dark Line. Now, these are a little more about romance then the other series. They do have another story that involves murder and suspense but the two are equal. It is hard to tell which aspect takes center stage in this series. Each book has it own set of characters and the only thing that connects them is the location of the Louisiana swamps. A Thin Dark Line is my favorite in the series, then Cry Wolf and then Lucky’s Lady. Which I did not particularly like. It had too much romance in for me. Cry Wolf Was better but still had very romantic connotations in it. A Thin Dark Line had more suspense than romance, which it was my favorite of the series but still was a very romantic book.   I hope this post gave you a little something to put in your pipe to smoke. 😉

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Chapter Two

So I have recently started to read a series of books by author Vince Flynn, his Mitch Rapp series. Mitch Rapp is a member of the super secret CIA Orion Team. This secret unit of the CIA recruited him when he was in his early twenties. Irene Kennedy is the one that had found Mitch, she knew that he had lost a fiance to a terrorist attack and knew that he would be right for the job. He was a top athlete, practiced martial arts and was devastated about his fiance, a perfect combination. The first book in the series is American Assassin and the second is Kill Shot, this were not the first two books written and published. Vince Flynn, after the success of the series, went back and wrote these two books to give his readers an insight into how Mitch Rapp became the great asset he is. They are a prequel to the rest of the series, to establish the events that turned Mitch into one of the CIA’s greatest assassins. Lucky for me that I started reading this series after they were written, so I got to read them before the series actually begins.

In the first two books, American Assassin and Kill Shot, I found that the author makes Mitch out to be an arrogant person. Which makes sense because he is only like twenty one or twenty two years old. He has this cocky attitude because he knows that he has the skills to be great, he doesn’t listen to anyone in authority, he thinks he knows better than they do and he turns out to be right in every situation. He has found himself thrown in to this brand new world of killing and surviving and before it really begins he realizes that he has this natural talent for it. He was on the verge of drowning in his depression of losing his fiance and didn’t know how to go with his life, he was so angry and couldn’t do anything about it. Until Irene Kennedy finds him and recruits him to train to become a CIA asset to take out terrorists that are threatening America and other countries and along the way he can take revenge on the terrorist responsible for the attack that killed his fiance. She becomes his handler and number one advocate, it seems everyone else does not like him and wants him out of the program. Both books are one event after another that Mitch comes out on top by doing things his way and not caring about anything else, like orders or whoever else has a role to play. He knows that his way is best and pretty much tells everyone else to go to hell.

Then we get to the third book in the series, Transfer of Power, we start to see a completely different version of Mitch Rapp, a much more mature and seasoned man. This book takes place ten years later, so now he is in his early thirties and has had ten years to gain experience under his belt. There is a huge difference in the attitudes of “early” Mitch and “now” Mitch and I much more prefer “now” Mitch. He is much more willing to work with others and follow orders until he feels that those orders are not right. Instead of disregarding them off the bat, he will follow until the situation calls for another form of action that only he can know because he is the one in the field. Irene is still his handler and the people she works for will give him a general guideline of orders, they trust him completely and realize that he is the one out there so they do not try to rein him in. He has come to trust Irene and a few others completely so he will try to do things their way up to a point, but he will always do what he thinks is best. We see Mitch thinking more, working the situation more instead of just blowing in and causing havoc, not caring how the situation turns out just as long as his kills his target. Now he focuses more on the situation than the outcome, this way when he does kill his target (and he always does) the repercussions are not as great.

This book, in my opinion is much better that the first two, not to say that those are bad, I fully enjoyed reading them, that is why I was able to get to this third book. I would not have continued reading them if I thought that were horrible. I am so glad that I did, even though I have only read three, I am super excited now to continue the series because Transfer of Power blew me away. I was not expecting it to be as awesome as it was, since the first two were how they were. I recommend this series of books to everyone. They are amazing.

Before I go I need to give a shout out to our friends over at Livonia Water Heater they have helped us out immensely with getting this blog going.

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Chapter One

Chapter one is going to be about one of my favorite authors David Baldacci. He, in my opinion, is one of the best writers out there. He has a way of pulling you completely into the story from the first paragraph, his style of writing is not one that you see all the time. I prefer authors who don’t worry about appealing to masses, I prefer authors who write a certain story that comes from within them and doesn’t care if everyone in the world will read it. With an author like this you get a much better story, you get characters that you care about and plot worth losing yourself in. David Baldacci is one of these authors. You can tell how deeply devoted he is to his characters and plot, you almost can imagine his stories going to life by the way he writes them. He has written books, some are stand alone books and some are series with the same characters. I have read all of his books except one series, the King and Maxwell series, I have read one of the books in this series and I didn’t like it, I felt that this series was for the masses and not meant to be one of his greatest works. My favorite series is the Will Robie series and this is what I plan to write about today.

There are four books in this series, in order, they are The Innocent, The Hit, The Target and The Guilty. Will Robie is an assassin for the CIA, he is actually one of the best assassins that the CIA has, meaning, he follows orders to a T and always hits his target, no mistakes. That is until we read the first book, The Innocent. Here, he is sent out to eliminate a target on American soil. He ends up not following through with this hit because his instincts tell him that it’s not right, he then is forced to flee. In his course of fleeing, he finds a teenage girl named Julie, that seems to be fleeing from her own form of hell. They end up sticking with each other and soon realize that their paths are entwined and they are trying to reach the same goal. Will realizes to be able to help himself he must help Julie as well. This unlikely pair must work together to solve the puzzle that has brought them together. Do you think they can? You must read the book to find out, no spoilers here.

In the second book, Will is back, only this he is sent out to kill one of his own. Another assassin, another that is equally at good as Will at what they do. On the outside it seems that this other assassin, Jessica, has gone rogue. She is killing off certain members of the team and other government agents. Will is tasked to bring her down, but the more he looks into her, the more he realizes that she might not have gone rogue. They end up teaming up to bring down the foes in their own government that have caused Jessica to start this mission in the first place. Julie makes another appearance as do some of the other characters from the first book. Again, no spoilers here. I am not going to write a real review about these books, I want all of you to grab a copy and read them for yourselves because these books are worth it.

The third book, The Target, brings back Will and Jessica again. They have teamed up for good and are an unbeatable duo of assassins. In this book we learned a little more about Jessica because certain events have occurred that will bring her past back to life. While they are both trying to deal with these events other issues are cropping up. A decision the president has made has stirred major problems and as a result an assassin from another country is set on eliminating important members of the government along with Will and Jessica. And they have also found out a member of their team is trying his hardest to make sure that Will and Jessica do not survive their current mission. Can the two make it out of this book alive? Please read it to find out.

Finally, the fourth book (until the next one comes out) is The Guilty. Now this one is my least favorite out to the four. Only because it really is not like the other three, which revolve around the government and conspiracies. This one we find that Will has lost his nerve for killing, he has killed an innocent while trying to hit his target, they both go down. He cannot recover. He then decides to take a trip back to the town where he grew up because his father has been convicted of murder. Once he is there is realizes that his father is innocent and has been set up and he tries to figure out the truth with the help of Jessica. It is a good book with a good plot and with characters we have grown to love but the mere fact that he struggles to deal with the normal public when he has the ability to defeat the toughest thug out there is a little silly in my opinion. But hey, I still read it and still loved it and I know that you will too once you pick up these for books.

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To begin, I want to tell you the types of books I love to read. My favorite are mystery books. Murder mysteries are a really good book. Books about police, FBI, CIA and other government agencies are a favorite of mine as well. I like fantasy and futuristic books, along with the supernatural. I do on occasion read a romance novel, these are my guilty pleasures. I don’t actually read a straight up romance novel, there has to be more of a story than the love story. I need the book to have the romance part as a secondary plot, not the main attraction. I have found a couple good authors that have mastered that.

So I will pick an author to discuss or many just a book or I may do both. I’m not sure yet. When I get talking about books my thoughts just flow out so I can’t be really sure how these blogs are going to go. So in advance I apologize if these start to get a little chaotic, I’ll try to keep them structured. But honestly, I cannot guarantee anything here about discussing books. I just love to read so much.

I much prefer to read the book before I watch the movie or the TV show they had made about the book. And all book lovers know that the book is much better than the movie. Books allow you to do anything. Words are more powerful than the moving pictures. Your mind can let you imagine anything while reading while your eyes are limited to imagine just what you are seeing on the screen. If I see a movie or TV show that I want to watch, I usually search to see if it was a book or a series of books and if so I will read the book or books first before I watch the movie or show. There has only been a couple of occasions where I have not liked the movie, I know that it will not be the same so my expectations are not so high and I am more able to enjoy the movie when it is not just like the book. I like to see what things they keep and what things they change. Sometimes it can be like watching a different version of the same story.

However, if I find that the show doesn’t remotely follow the book and they just take what ever liberties they want, I will not watch the show. If you are not going to relate to the book and the books story then why even mention that the show is based off the book because it’s not. You are just using the names and cities that the book takes place with but you are not keeping to the same theme or rhythm of the book. For example, the Rizzoli and Isles TV show is based off the book series by Tess Gerristen. I have read all the books that she wrote in this series and was really excited about the TV show until I found out that they didn’t even make anything about the first book. Season one, episode one is the entire second book. They put one book into one forty five minute episode. Episode two is not the third book. I searched the content of the other episodes and other seasons and could not find what book they came from. So my question is, why even bother? It would have been much better if they would have had each book a whole season. I don’t understand why producers and such other people can’t see this. So needless to say, I did not watch anymore episodes of the show.

ps, just for fun I have added a time lapse video book binding 🙂

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