To begin, I want to tell you the types of books I love to read. My favorite are mystery books. Murder mysteries are a really good book. Books about police, FBI, CIA and other government agencies are a favorite of mine as well. I like fantasy and futuristic books, along with the supernatural. I do on occasion read a romance novel, these are my guilty pleasures. I don’t actually read a straight up romance novel, there has to be more of a story than the love story. I need the book to have the romance part as a secondary plot, not the main attraction. I have found a couple good authors that have mastered that.

So I will pick an author to discuss or many just a book or I may do both. I’m not sure yet. When I get talking about books my thoughts just flow out so I can’t be really sure how these blogs are going to go. So in advance I apologize if these start to get a little chaotic, I’ll try to keep them structured. But honestly, I cannot guarantee anything here about discussing books. I just love to read so much.

I much prefer to read the book before I watch the movie or the TV show they had made about the book. And all book lovers know that the book is much better than the movie. Books allow you to do anything. Words are more powerful than the moving pictures. Your mind can let you imagine anything while reading while your eyes are limited to imagine just what you are seeing on the screen. If I see a movie or TV show that I want to watch, I usually search to see if it was a book or a series of books and if so I will read the book or books first before I watch the movie or show. There has only been a couple of occasions where I have not liked the movie, I know that it will not be the same so my expectations are not so high and I am more able to enjoy the movie when it is not just like the book. I like to see what things they keep and what things they change. Sometimes it can be like watching a different version of the same story.

However, if I find that the show doesn’t remotely follow the book and they just take what ever liberties they want, I will not watch the show. If you are not going to relate to the book and the books story then why even mention that the show is based off the book because it’s not. You are just using the names and cities that the book takes place with but you are not keeping to the same theme or rhythm of the book. For example, the Rizzoli and Isles TV show is based off the book series by Tess Gerristen. I have read all the books that she wrote in this series and was really excited about the TV show until I found out that they didn’t even make anything about the first book. Season one, episode one is the entire second book. They put one book into one forty five minute episode. Episode two is not the third book. I searched the content of the other episodes and other seasons and could not find what book they came from. So my question is, why even bother? It would have been much better if they would have had each book a whole season. I don’t understand why producers and such other people can’t see this. So needless to say, I did not watch anymore episodes of the show.

ps, just for fun I have added a time lapse video book binding 🙂

Thanks for reading!