Chapter One

Chapter one is going to be about one of my favorite authors David Baldacci. He, in my opinion, is one of the best writers out there. He has a way of pulling you completely into the story from the first paragraph, his style of writing is not one that you see all the time. I prefer authors who don’t worry about appealing to masses, I prefer authors who write a certain story that comes from within them and doesn’t care if everyone in the world will read it. With an author like this you get a much better story, you get characters that you care about and plot worth losing yourself in. David Baldacci is one of these authors. You can tell how deeply devoted he is to his characters and plot, you almost can imagine his stories going to life by the way he writes them. He has written books, some are stand alone books and some are series with the same characters. I have read all of his books except one series, the King and Maxwell series, I have read one of the books in this series and I didn’t like it, I felt that this series was for the masses and not meant to be one of his greatest works. My favorite series is the Will Robie series and this is what I plan to write about today.

There are four books in this series, in order, they are The Innocent, The Hit, The Target and The Guilty. Will Robie is an assassin for the CIA, he is actually one of the best assassins that the CIA has, meaning, he follows orders to a T and always hits his target, no mistakes. That is until we read the first book, The Innocent. Here, he is sent out to eliminate a target on American soil. He ends up not following through with this hit because his instincts tell him that it’s not right, he then is forced to flee. In his course of fleeing, he finds a teenage girl named Julie, that seems to be fleeing from her own form of hell. They end up sticking with each other and soon realize that their paths are entwined and they are trying to reach the same goal. Will realizes to be able to help himself he must help Julie as well. This unlikely pair must work together to solve the puzzle that has brought them together. Do you think they can? You must read the book to find out, no spoilers here.

In the second book, Will is back, only this he is sent out to kill one of his own. Another assassin, another that is equally at good as Will at what they do. On the outside it seems that this other assassin, Jessica, has gone rogue. She is killing off certain members of the team and other government agents. Will is tasked to bring her down, but the more he looks into her, the more he realizes that she might not have gone rogue. They end up teaming up to bring down the foes in their own government that have caused Jessica to start this mission in the first place. Julie makes another appearance as do some of the other characters from the first book. Again, no spoilers here. I am not going to write a real review about these books, I want all of you to grab a copy and read them for yourselves because these books are worth it.

The third book, The Target, brings back Will and Jessica again. They have teamed up for good and are an unbeatable duo of assassins. In this book we learned a little more about Jessica because certain events have occurred that will bring her past back to life. While they are both trying to deal with these events other issues are cropping up. A decision the president has made has stirred major problems and as a result an assassin from another country is set on eliminating important members of the government along with Will and Jessica. And they have also found out a member of their team is trying his hardest to make sure that Will and Jessica do not survive their current mission. Can the two make it out of this book alive? Please read it to find out.

Finally, the fourth book (until the next one comes out) is The Guilty. Now this one is my least favorite out to the four. Only because it really is not like the other three, which revolve around the government and conspiracies. This one we find that Will has lost his nerve for killing, he has killed an innocent while trying to hit his target, they both go down. He cannot recover. He then decides to take a trip back to the town where he grew up because his father has been convicted of murder. Once he is there is realizes that his father is innocent and has been set up and he tries to figure out the truth with the help of Jessica. It is a good book with a good plot and with characters we have grown to love but the mere fact that he struggles to deal with the normal public when he has the ability to defeat the toughest thug out there is a little silly in my opinion. But hey, I still read it and still loved it and I know that you will too once you pick up these for books.

Thanks for being interested!