Chapter Two

So I have recently started to read a series of books by author Vince Flynn, his Mitch Rapp series. Mitch Rapp is a member of the super secret CIA Orion Team. This secret unit of the CIA recruited him when he was in his early twenties. Irene Kennedy is the one that had found Mitch, she knew that he had lost a fiance to a terrorist attack and knew that he would be right for the job. He was a top athlete, practiced martial arts and was devastated about his fiance, a perfect combination. The first book in the series is American Assassin and the second is Kill Shot, this were not the first two books written and published. Vince Flynn, after the success of the series, went back and wrote these two books to give his readers an insight into how Mitch Rapp became the great asset he is. They are a prequel to the rest of the series, to establish the events that turned Mitch into one of the CIA’s greatest assassins. Lucky for me that I started reading this series after they were written, so I got to read them before the series actually begins.

In the first two books, American Assassin and Kill Shot, I found that the author makes Mitch out to be an arrogant person. Which makes sense because he is only like twenty one or twenty two years old. He has this cocky attitude because he knows that he has the skills to be great, he doesn’t listen to anyone in authority, he thinks he knows better than they do and he turns out to be right in every situation. He has found himself thrown in to this brand new world of killing and surviving and before it really begins he realizes that he has this natural talent for it. He was on the verge of drowning in his depression of losing his fiance and didn’t know how to go with his life, he was so angry and couldn’t do anything about it. Until Irene Kennedy finds him and recruits him to train to become a CIA asset to take out terrorists that are threatening America and other countries and along the way he can take revenge on the terrorist responsible for the attack that killed his fiance. She becomes his handler and number one advocate, it seems everyone else does not like him and wants him out of the program. Both books are one event after another that Mitch comes out on top by doing things his way and not caring about anything else, like orders or whoever else has a role to play. He knows that his way is best and pretty much tells everyone else to go to hell.

Then we get to the third book in the series, Transfer of Power, we start to see a completely different version of Mitch Rapp, a much more mature and seasoned man. This book takes place ten years later, so now he is in his early thirties and has had ten years to gain experience under his belt. There is a huge difference in the attitudes of “early” Mitch and “now” Mitch and I much more prefer “now” Mitch. He is much more willing to work with others and follow orders until he feels that those orders are not right. Instead of disregarding them off the bat, he will follow until the situation calls for another form of action that only he can know because he is the one in the field. Irene is still his handler and the people she works for will give him a general guideline of orders, they trust him completely and realize that he is the one out there so they do not try to rein him in. He has come to trust Irene and a few others completely so he will try to do things their way up to a point, but he will always do what he thinks is best. We see Mitch thinking more, working the situation more instead of just blowing in and causing havoc, not caring how the situation turns out just as long as his kills his target. Now he focuses more on the situation than the outcome, this way when he does kill his target (and he always does) the repercussions are not as great.

This book, in my opinion is much better that the first two, not to say that those are bad, I fully enjoyed reading them, that is why I was able to get to this third book. I would not have continued reading them if I thought that were horrible. I am so glad that I did, even though I have only read three, I am super excited now to continue the series because Transfer of Power blew me away. I was not expecting it to be as awesome as it was, since the first two were how they were. I recommend this series of books to everyone. They are amazing.

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