Chapter Three

I am devoting this post to one of my favorite female authors, Tami Hoag. I have written about my favorite male authors, so this one goes out to the females. Now, for the most part she writes romance novels. Her earliest books are pure romance novels and I do not read those. I picked one up on accident not realizing that this one was strictly in the romance genre and as I have explained in the prologue, that I cannot stand romance novels. I finished the book but it was grueling. As she got more popular she began to give her novels a more intricate story line, there is still the romance part but she began to add a mystery/suspense aspect to it. These are my favorite books to read. They cater to one of my favorite genres, the mystery/suspense but she also has a hint of romance, there are always a male and female character that fall in love but she now makes that the secondary topic of the story, the main aspect is the suspense part about who is the villain.

She has quite a few series of books, the most popular being the Kovac and Liska series. They are detectives Sam Kovac and Niki Liska in Minnesota and solving the city of Minneapolis’s crime. To date there are six books, in order; Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Prior Bad Acts, The 1st Victim (this is an E-book short story) The 9th girl and The Bitter Season. I have read all of these except The 1st Victim, I do not have a way to read E-books. These are fabulous books, they however, do not have any romance in them like her other books, Sam and Niki are partners and not lovers, never have been and never will be. They act like brother and sister and they are hilarious together. They bring humor to the dark stories of crime that she writes about.

There are The oak Knoll Books, in order; Deeper Than Dead, Secrets To The Grave and Down The Darkest Road. I actually read these books in reverse order on accident. I read the third book, then the second and lastly I read the first book. I didn’t realize these were in series together until I read Secrets To The Grave. I had already read Down The Darkest Road, so when I read Secrets I recognized the characters and realized this was a corresponding book, I then did some research and found that there are three books in this series and that I’m reading them in the wrong order. These books take place in and around the town of Santa Barbara California and deal mostly with crimes against women. There are a couple characters that fall in love but is in no way the main story.

She also writes about Elena Estes who is a retired undercover narcotics detective that left the force under bad terms. She has turned into a private detective unwittingly while trying to turn her life around. There are two books, Dark Horse and The Alibi man, they take place in Palm Springs California and revolve around the world of show horses.

My favorite series of books are the Deer Lake series, there are two books, Night Sins and Guilty As Sin. These take place in the same town of Deer Lake Minnesota but deal with different characters, the main characters in Night Sins make an appearance in Guilty As Sin but this book as different main characters. They both deal with the same villains just in a different perspective. Night Sins involve the actually crime and the detectives that solve the crime. Guilty As Sin revolves around the court preceding of the characters that are charged with the crime in the first book. These two books had me reading at any possible moment. I could not put them down.

The last series of books are The Bayou Books, which take place in the swamps of Louisiana. There are three books, Lucky’s Lady, Cry Wolf and A Thin Dark Line. Now, these are a little more about romance then the other series. They do have another story that involves murder and suspense but the two are equal. It is hard to tell which aspect takes center stage in this series. Each book has it own set of characters and the only thing that connects them is the location of the Louisiana swamps. A Thin Dark Line is my favorite in the series, then Cry Wolf and then Lucky’s Lady. Which I did not particularly like. It had too much romance in for me. Cry Wolf Was better but still had very romantic connotations in it. A Thin Dark Line had more suspense than romance, which it was my favorite of the series but still was a very romantic book.   I hope this post gave you a little something to put in your pipe to smoke. 😉

Thanks all for listening!