Chapter Five

Today I am going to discuss an author that I have a love/hate relationship with. Sandra Brown. I love her because she is an amazing writer and her stories keep me on edge, a total page turner. She totally hooks you in with the plot and I seriously cannot put her books down. I should say that I do not hate her, so this love/hate thing is with her books. I hate that the romance aspect is so dominate in her books. I read one of her earlier works and it was awful. Her romance novels portray women as complete imbeciles and I cannot stand that. Her earliest books are just pure romance, the later books have more of a story to them, she adds a murder mystery, these are the ones that I read. Her later books are about half and half, half romance and half mystery but her plots are what I love. I will always try to guess who the killer or bad character is and I am never right. You would think that since I read so many of her books that I would be to figure out a pattern but I can’t, she is that good.

I do not believe that any of her books belong to a series but I read them all. Of all the ones that I have read that have been stand alone books. True, that I have only read her suspense novels and just one of her romance novels but none of them have belong to a series. There were two that loosely went together, the first one was Smash Cut and the second one was called Tough Customer. The two books take place in different states but share some of the same characters. In Smash Cut the lead male character is a lawyer and uses his private investigator to uncover hidden secrets of another character, that same investigator turns out to be the main character in Tough Customer who has a family emergency that he needs to deal with. The main male and female characters from Smash Cut make a small appearance in Tough Customer, so far these are the only two books that correspond with other each other, all of the other book that I have read are just by themselves, however I have not not all of her suspense novels as of yet and only one of her romance ones, so those may have series.

In her books, the main male and female characters will always met under stressful circumstances and hate each other right off the bat. They usually find the other attractive and have this deep sense that they like them but they fight constantly in the beginning and will disregard the sexually feeling they have for the other character. The reader, being me, will root for them to get together and will always end up romantically involved but it is a struggle for the whole book. This is another reason why I have a love/hate feeling about her books, just once I would like that the main characters accept the way they feel about each and try to solve the suspenseful plot as a team and not as individuals who feel that they have no other choice but to trust each other. It would be nice to just have the suspense of the murders or whatever crime she chooses to wrote about be the the main focus and have the love story be secondary and easy instead of having it a struggle. Even though I have some issues with her books, I still love them and will read all of them, I recommend them to all readers, they really are great books.

Thanks for reading!


A bit of foreshadowing for a future post.  We will eventually be taking a tour of a book factory at some point in the future and plan on documenting the entire process in a fast motion video.  We will be documenting everything from the tree cutting to the paper making process to the printing and the binding.  It should be very interesting and should make for quite a video.