Just to give you a little side note about myself, I am a book addict. I always have a book with me no matter where I am. I started out going to book stores and buying books weekly, this got really expensive because I am a really fast reader. I can read a book in 3-4 days. Paper back books are by no mean expensive but when you’re buying two to three week just so you don’t run out of reading material it can get expensive. I try not to buy hard cover books, those are expensive. It just kind of sucks when you have read all of the books from one author and the hard covers are the only ones left because they haven’t been out long enough to have made it to paper back yet. I bought books for many years so I could support my favorite authors.

So after I realized that my habit was getting pretty expensive I searched for other ways to get books. I found book fairs to be a great thing. At most places you can buy a paper back for just a buck. I also found out it’s a great way to find a new author to read. Since the book was just a dollar, it wouldn’t be a waste if I didn’t like it. This only lasted for a while because book fairs are not that common and only come around a couple times a year and since I can read so fast I ran out of books to read before the next fair happened along. So I was back at the book store buying new books.

Finally, I gave up buying books, which is kind of a bummer since this is a great way to support the author but my addiction is pretty bad, so I decided to get a library card. This was a great idea and not a great idea at the same time. It was awesome because I can read any book I want for free but since I can read any book I want for free I have found that my addiction has gotten worse. I once checked out thirteen books at the same time. I’m sure the librarians thought I was a crazy person. But since there is no limited on how many books you can check at one time I try to get enough books to last the week. I used to go every couple days to see what was new but now I have limited myself to going once a week. Like I said, I’m a book addict and so proud of it.

In this blog I plan to do book reviews of the books that I have read and are currently reading. I’ll mention my favorite authors and not so favorite authors. If you at anytime want to ask me about books on a personal level please head over to my contact page and email me.

Thanks everyone, Dottie

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